Owen Whitelaw Headshot 2019 (1).jpg
Owen Whitelaw and John Lynch in One Of U

Owen trained as an actor at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and has worked extensively across theatre, television, film and radio. He can currently be seen as Lee Walsh in the BBC mini-series One of Us on Netflix, and recently appeared in season five of Shetland for BBC One a Season Eight of Game of Thrones for HBO.



2018/19 projects include

- Game of Thrones Season Eight


  Air Date: May 13th 2019

- Shetland Season Five

  (BBC One)

  Air Date: February 12th 2019

- Darkness Comes

  (Amazon Prime)

  Air Date: May 2018

The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart

  (The National Theatre Of Scotland)

  Playing South Carolina, USA, May 2018

- Measure For Measure 

  (BBC Radio Three)

  Air Date: April 29th 2018

- Finding Love at the End of The world

  (BBC Radio Four)

  Air Date: April 3rd 2018

- One of Us


  Air date: February 2018